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There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.

Robert Frank
Bear Mountain Inn Wedding Reception & Ceremony Site
Wood Acres Farm Wedding Reception & Ceremony Site in Terryville, CT

Why Studio VIP?

Do you feel awkward posing in a stuffy photo studio loaded with more equipment than a sterile operating room? You're not alone. Instead let’s go to a gorgeous outdoor location where you can just be yourself while I create the most amazing portraits you can imagine—all while having fun! I specialize in documenting organic moments as they happen. That's my philosophy for your engagement photos and your wedding is of course an on-location shoot-it-as-it-happens event. Let me capture and document your adventure. I'll tell your story with your wedding photos.

When you choose Studio VIP (visually innovative photographers) to photograph and document your wedding, you're making a statement. You want your wedding day to be captured in a way where your wedding pictures will literally tell your story. We focus on capturing moments as they happen in real-time. The only photographs we take that are posed are your family portraits and not even all of those will be posed, we can be clever in getting genuine expressions. We never ever do cheesy poses. We're also really good at capturing all the details of your wedding showing you a perspective that you wouldn't have otherwise noticed. Details such as table arrangements, gift table, seating chart/arrangement, special lighting, deserts and any other personalized items that are a part of your unique story.

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When it comes to experience, it's not just how much of it you have but also the quality of that experience. I have worked alongside some of the best photographers in the industry allowing me to gain real wedding experience. I come from a science and engineering background which means I really know how to use my professional equipment. That also means that I was able to focus on gaining artistic experience because I don't have to fumble with equipment. I have captured a wide-range of weddings at different types of wedding venues in CT and in surrounding states.